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Our pencil portraits are drawn with graphite on high quality acid free paper. Standard sized paper is used to help hold down framing cost.
Portrait Artist Gene Ellis: Pencil portraits from photos of, babies, children, men, women, and pets. A pencil sketch by Arizona-based portrait artist Gene will be handed down through generations.
For a realistic pencil sketch, high quality photos give better results. If you can see detail in the eyes, (eye lid opening) the photo will give you good portraits.
Thank you very much for your interest.
Pencil sketch of celebrities
Pencil Portraits of
Pencil sketches by this Arizona-based portrait artist.
You can send your pet for a pencil sketch  if it will hold perfectly still for up to four hours, or just send a good photo.
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Baby pencil portraits.
Jack Nicholson
Albert Einstine
Pencil sketches and portraits by this Arizina-Based portrait artist.
Gene Ellis