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Pencil Portraits of
Children, our hope for the future.
Pencil sketch of Children. Probably mom and dad will keep this pencil portrait through the years. But what happens when the family keepsakes start being passed along to the children, who then? One of the girls, or one of the guys? There's a good chance that one will have had a greater attachment to this sketch than the others. Who knows?
The greater quality  the photo, the better the results will be on  pencil portraits. Eyes are a good test. If you can see the detail in the eyes, (opening of the eye lids)  the photo will give you a good outcome on the pencil sketch.
Children pencil portraits, Pencil sketch Children
Pencil portraits and sketches by this Arizona-based portrait artist.
Pencil Portraits by Gene
Baby, Infant, toddler, child, kid, teen, men, women,  they grow up fast.