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Pencil Portraits of
Pencil portraits and sketches by this Arizona-based portrait artist.
Pencil Portrait Artist Gene Ellis
Pencil Portraits
Gene Ellis, Gilbert, AZ.
Portrait Artist, pencil portrait artist Gene Ellis
I like to draw in what I call photo realism. A photo is worth a thousand words but a realistic portrait drawing tells a story that is worth considerably more, it's an heirloom.
As I proceed, my first goal is to capture the likeness of my subject. As I move along, I acquaint my self with each line, shadow, highlight, of the person that I am drawing. I like to know the name and individual traits about the person. By focusing in on the nature and makeup of the subject, a story forms in my mind, the story of the persons uniqueness. After a few hours into the drawing, I feel a strong attachment. To capture likeness is an awesome feat, but to capture personality, is absolute magic.
Portrait Artist
Arizona-based portrait artist